Classic table cutting technology

Precious heritage

Our aim is to keep alive this beautiful gloved profession and the traditional glove making.​
Our know-how:
Everything starts with the leather. A good quality gloving leather need to be flexible, soft, enough thin and in case able to make shiny. Each of our glove is individually table cut, which means that our well experted cutters are streching the skins sideaway in order to aim the perfect fit in the finished gloves.
They use precise movements that no cutting machine would be able to replace. After we stretched the trunks for maximum length and taking care to leave enough width we mark each glove in suede side noting the order and size. 
Once we marked the trunks we cut them out by press machine using different knives. Decorating, sewing (either by machine or by hand), inserting the linings and than finally make a nice shape by dressing.


Below you can find a small slice of our collection. Hunor Beatrix has more than 28.000 different styles. Meeting the requirements of the latest fashion trends Hunor Beatrix introduces several new models every year widening its rich collection with many thousands of different styles. Please write to us if you want to see our latest collection.


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